2017 Customer Favourites!

Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on December 27 2017

Happy New Year! It is the end of the year, and we decided to dedicate a blog post to review the most popular NOTE products in 2017! Join us as we count down from our 5th best product, to our 1st! 



Where do you find a blusher that not only provides great colour payoff, but makes you look healthy and glowy at the same time? Only at NOTE, of course! The Terracotta Blusher comes in four different shades of pink, that are not only natural, but easy to blend into the skin. The iridescence in the blusher provides a lovely sheen as well, allowing you to highlight your natural features! This product doubles up as an eyeshadow too, for those jazzy days! 



If you like products that require the least amount of effort and time, then this product is made for you. The main reason why our customers love this product is because of how effective and efficient this product is. The Luminous Silk Cream Powder provides the same medium-to-full coverage a foundation can offer, and the same satin smooth finish you would have after applying powder! This is truly the product that kills two birds with one stone!  




We are halfway through the list! The 3rd bestselling product from NOTE Cosmetics has to be the Luminous Silk Compact Powder! There are many reasons why people love this product; firstly, it helps set your foundation! This powder helps mattify your foundation, and leaves your skin looking soft and smooth! It helps your foundation last longer too! Secondly, this is a tinted powder. For those looking for a simple, no-makeup makeup look, this powder helps to even out your skin tone! Lastly, the Luminous Silk Compact Powder oxidises to match your skin tone. Even if your foundation does not really match your skin tone, this powder will help to bring the foundation shade to match your real skin tone more! You see why our customers keep coming back for more?! 




The second place spot is a draw between the two products from the Mattemoist Series - the Mattemoist Lipstick and the Mattemoist Lipgloss! These two products are incomparable, each bringing their own uniqueness to the table. Both products are mattifying, yet moisturising. Unlike other matte lip products, these two will not make you feel uncomfortable, nor will they suck the moisture out of your lips completely. The formulas of both products are meant to moisturise your lips, while giving the matte look on the surface! There are not faults with these products, and our customers agree! 



 Lastly, the first place product is...... NOTE COSMETICS' BB CREAM! This product has been a constant favourite since its release, and it is known amongst our regulars that if you do not purchase fast enough, it may go out of stock. The BB Cream is extremely moisturising for your skin, makes your skin feel and look smooth, helps to conceal dark spots and brightens up your skin as well! It also has a natural finish, giving you minimal, yet sufficient coverage for your day to day activities! There is no doubt that the BB Cream is the best product NOTE has created thus far! 


And with that, we conclude our final blog for the year! We hope you have a lovely new year's, and we look forward to bringing you more interesting content in 2018! If you have anymore questions, do not hesitate to ask us on our social media platforms! Our social media handles will be listed below! Thank you for a wonderful 2017! 


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