Benefits of Essential Oils - Cedarwood Oil

Written by Mohamed Zaman


Posted on December 13 2017

And we are back again with a new essential oil to talk about; Cedarwood oil! Cedarwood oil has been use for centuries, and it is believed to be one of the oldest essential oils used by mankind. Did you know that it is believed that the Egyptians used to use cedarwood oil in their process of embalming? Talk about creepy. However, we will not be sharing that aspect of cedarwood oil, rather, we will be talking about the positive aspects of the oil! Continue reading to find out more! 



1) Antiseptic Properties 

Cedarwood oil has a healing nature because of the anti-inflammatory properties it possesses. It is especially good for small wounds and damage to the skin (e.g. sun burnt skin). The oil helps to repair the skin by reducing the amount of bacteria on the wound, giving your cells less to work with, so they can help heal your injury faster instead. Mix cedarwood oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil to create your own personalised balm! 



2) Eczema and Psoriasis 

Eczema and Psoriasis are infections of the skin which cause it to be seriously inflamed. These two skin diseases can make the skin very dry and sensitive, causing the skin to itch more over time. As it is unclear what causes Eczema and Psoriasis, it is important to not trigger your condition further by applying un-prescribed or unnatural products on your skin. However, cedarwood oil is known for being very beneficial for people with these skin conditions. the oil helps with the inflammation of the skin, and reduces peeling through regulating the amount of sebum produced by the skin. It helps the skin relax, and treats it by killing the bacteria (yeast) that triggers these conditions. Be patient when trying out cedarwood oil, as Eczema and Psoriasis are both deeply-rooted skin problems that take time to heal! Also, include the oil in your daily routine after recovering to prevent relapses or spreading! 



3) Tightening of Skin

 Cedarwood oil is astringent, meaning it causes skin cells and other tissues to contract. This is extremely beneficial for those aiming to tighten their skin! Massaging cedarwood oil into the skin allows it to shrink the cells, getting rid of wrinkles in the skin! Also, using it as a massage oil helps to tone your muscles, leaving your muscles feeling relaxed and making your body feel rejuvenated! Say goodbye to muscle aches and wrinkles with cedarwood oil! 



4) Stress Relief

Cedarwood oil has a lovely smell that helps combats insomnia and reliefs tension in the body. This is because cedarwood oil contains natural sedative properties, it has a calming effect on the mind and body, putting the body into a more relaxed state, allowing it to receive the rest it needs. This allows those with sleeping problems a better chance of getting a good night's rest. 


While there are many uses for cedarwood oil, one must take precaution when using it! It is advised for cedarwood oil to be used in, either, a diluted form or mixed with another essential oil. Also, pregnant ladies, do note! Consult your gynaecologist about the use of cedarwood oil during your pregnancy! That's it for this week's blog and we will see you next time! 



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