Benefits of Essential Oils - Macadamia Oil

Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on November 29 2017

We are back with Part 3 of the 'Benefits of Essential Oils' series with Macadamia Oil! Macadamia oil is extracted from the nut meat of the Macadamia tree, that is native to Australia. It is beneficial to the body, the skin and hair! In today's blog, we will be focusing on the many skin benefits that macadamia oil provides! 


1) Natural Moisturiser 

 We can see a trend amongst essential oils - that they are very moisturising for the skin. Due to the fatty acids the oil contains, it helps to combat dry and flaky skin, and maintain the moisture in the skin. It also helps soften the rough and dry patches on the skin, leaving the skin to have a soft and supple feeling! 


2) Counters Acne and Eczema 

Macadamia oil helps balance the sebum levels in the skin by regulating the amount of sebum produced. This is especially helpful for people that are acne-prone, as macadamia oil is moisturising and lightweight, making it easy for the skin to absorb. There are inflammatory properties in macadamia oil as well, which speeds up the healing of pimples.

Eczema causes the skin to get dry and rough, which is why macadamia oil is the most suitable product to use to counter it. Not only will the oil help to moisturise the skin, but help to soothe it as well. It relieves the itch that eczema brings, and helps reduce the irritation.

3) Sunscreen 

Did you know macadamia oil has SPF? Well, now you do. Macadamia oil naturally contains 6-8 SPF, and has cinnamic acid - a plant compound that has sun protection properties. You can mix macadamia oil into your makeup, or use it on its own to protect your skin from the harmful sun-rays. Macadamia oil also helps to retain the moisture in the skin, as mentioned, so not only does it protect your skin from losing its moisture, it helps to maintain it as well! 

Macadamia oil helps speed up the healing process of sunburns as well! Due to its high fatty acids nature, macadamia oil has strong anti-inflammatory qualities. This will help increase the healing rate by soothing it and cooling it. 


Similar to the other essential oils, macadamia oil has a high fatty acid content, which helps reduce wrinkles and makes scars fade away gradually. Macadamia oil can be mixed with other products to give them a boost as well! For example, washing your face with your face wash mixed with macadamia oil helps smoothen the skin further and cleanse the skin throughout by removing excess sebum!  

We hope you have been enjoying this series so far, and if there are more essential oils you would like to read about, tell us on our Instagram page! 



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