Five Product Face: The Queen of Hearts

Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on October 25 2017

Happy Halloween! With a couple of days to this scare fest, we bet you are wrecking your brains for a look that is not only going to impress, but easy to master as well! We were inspired by this picture we found online, and decided to recreate it! So, we bring you The Queen of Hearts for this Halloween! (P.S. We will be skipping the foundation base step, but it is crucial before starting this look!) 

 1) Ultra Rich Lip Pencil

In a deck of cards, black and red are the two most important colours. For this look, we wanted the red to stand out against the dark black. What can give us sharp and bold red lines? NOTE's Ultra Rich Lip Pencil in Note Red, of course! Not only is the colour payoff AH-MAZING, but it has a extremely smooth texture, giving it a smooth and bright application! The Queen of Hearts is represented by a bright red, and we made sure to match it accurately! 


2) Luminous Silk Mono Eyeshadow 

To create the translucent black shadow over her eyes, we chose to use the Luminous Silk Mono Eyeshadow in shade 12. It is easier to control the intensity of the colour with a powder formula, which is exactly why we  chose this product over an eyeshadow pencil! It is easy to build, and easy to blend! 


3) Bronzing Powder

When we think about the undead, we think of frail, skinny frames that have not eaten for over a decade. So, we wanted to make our Queen of Hearts look like its been years since she last ate. Bronzer can help us achieve that look easily, especially using a shade that is one shade darker than your usual colour. Using NOTE's Bronzing Powder below her cheekbones, bringing it all the way down to her jaw will enhance the indented look that we aim for. The Bronzing Powder has a slight shimmer too, making her Holy Undeadness look just a little sparkly. 

4) Ultra Black Dipliner  

Adding on to the already terrifying look, we decided to use a dark liner to draw the details on the face, in contrast with the translucent eyeshadow. Thus, we will be incorporating my favourite eyeliner into the mix - NOTE's Ultra Black Dipliner! Not only does it have a thin point, the ink is dark and bold, and it is waterproof as well! As the detailing on the face is an important part to the whole makeup look, it must be able to last as well! The Dipliner will see that you will continue to look scary the entire night, and fright the night away! 


5) Mattemoist Lipstick 

 In today's instance, the lipstick is not to highlight the lips. Rather, we are using it to match the lips to the skin to give a more 'undead' look. A nude lipstick with a slight pink hue was the ideal lipstick we had in mind. The Mattemoist Lipstick in shade 301 Spirit was the optimal choice. Aptly named, we are trying to make ourselves as close to a spirit as possible. Also, the Mattemoist series is the most moisturising, yet mattifying lip series we have yet, so it is no wonder it is a popular customer choice! 


That concludes our Halloween look! Did we mention we filmed a tutorial on how to do this look? Well, we did! Keep a lookout on our Youtube Channel Note Cosmetics Singapore Beauty Tips this weekend to watch it first! ( 


We hope you have an enjoyable scarefest, and see you next time! 



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