Five Product Face: A Deepavali Look

Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on October 11 2017

With The Festival of Lights around the corner, we thought; what better topic to write about about than a makeup look for this beautiful festive season? So in today’s issue, we present to you: A Deepavali Look.

1) Foundation

Foundation is important. It evens out the skin’s tone, and acts as a base for the rest of your makeup to sit nicely and in place. Also, in this humid country, the last thing you would want is for your foundation to melt off halfway through the day. Therefore, a long-lasting, yet moisturising foundation is key in keeping your makeup looking flawless all day, especially since visiting will probably take the whole day. We recommend our Mattifying Extreme Wear Foundation. Not only does it last for the whole day, the foundation contains Cedarwood Oil and Spiarea Extract to control your skin’s sebum level!



2) Eyeshadow

Next step, eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is a good way to explore colour on your face, plus it attracts attention to your beautiful eyes. Also, it allows you to match your makeup to your outfit of the day as well! Note’s Eyeshadow Pencil is the best product to make your eyes ‘pop’. This pigmented product is produced to last for 24 hours, giving you the confidence to enjoy your day without the fear of your shadow creasing or disappearing. Best way to use it would be applying it before smudging with your finger or a brush to create a ombre effect!



3) Eyeliner 

To give your eyes a sharper look, we suggest throwing eyeliner into the mix. Eyeliner has the ability to brighten your face, removing any signs of fatigue from your eyes. Those long hours staying up to watch your favourite dramas will never make its appearance on this festive day! The Ultra Black Dipliner will help you to get the dark, sharp cat-wing to match your bright eyeshadow, making you look snatched the whole day!

P.S. The eyeliner is waterproof too!

4) Terracotta Powder

As you can tell, we are going for a sharp and defined look this festive season. What better way to give your face definition than through bronzing? Bronzing helps to define the shape of your face, along with a beautiful glow that mimics sun-kissed skin. Our Terracotta Powder will help you get that healthy glow and definition. Plus, this powder doubles up as a highlighter as well, giving you the chance to showcase those cheekbones and sharp nose!


5) Lipgloss

Now, no makeup look is complete without lip products. We imagine that you would like your lips to stay the same while you enjoy all the delicious food your friends and family have provided for you. Our Mattemoist Lipgloss comes in 16 colors, so there is a suitable colour for every outfit! Also, the Mattemoist series provides a matte look, yet it is moisturising as well. Not only will it last long, it will help to moisturise your lips so that you do not end the day with chapped lips. Lipsticks do not have to be damaging to last long!


We hope this blog post has been helpful in your adventures of creating the perfect look this festive season! On behalf of the team here at Note, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Deepavali! 




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