How to Choose the right lipstick for you?

Written by Mohamed Zaman


Posted on July 28 2018

We are back after a long time! This time we are bringing you a tip that would save you from all the worries you'll get when choosing a lipstick! With just 4 simple points to consider, you'll sure get a lipstick that suits you in no time! Let the pondering and thinking begin!


  1. Skin Tone

First and foremost (and most obvious), we must consider our skin tone! There are mainly 4 types of skin tone, Fair, Medium, Tan and Dark.

If you are someone with fair skin tone, you are more suited to light pink, nude and dusty red colour that would contrast with your skin perfectly without it being too outstanding against your skin.

If you are someone with medium skin tone, you would be more suited to rose, berry/cherry red and mauve colours that would look just right with your skin, making your whole makeup look harmonious and smooth!

If you are someone with tanned skin tone, you would be suited to most colours except for brown and purple shades that would make you look too dull in overall. Tanned girls can totally go for bright chic red colours and coral pink!

And if you are someone with dark skin, you would be more suitable for brownish, purple shades that would bring out your skin more!


  1. Skin under tone

There are mainly 3 types of undertone that you can possibly have.

Firstly, we have cool undertone which you can identify by looking at the colour of your veins. If it is blue or purple colour, means you are under the cool undertone category where you would be more suitable for soft nude (for light/fair), pink or cranberry pink (for medium) and ruby or wine shades for (tanned skin)!

Secondly, if you have green vein colour, you would be under the warm undertone category where you would be suitable with peachy nude (for light skin) and copper or brown shade (for medium, tanned and dark skin)!

Lastly, if you can’t decide if you have green or purple-blue veins, it would show that you have neutral undertone that would determine that you are suitable to a wide range of colours from both the cool and warm undertones shade!


  1. Shape of your lips

We categorise the shape of lips to be 3 types, Top heavy, Bottom heavy and asymmetrical. For people with top heavy lips, try to apply bright lipstick on your bottom lip and a slightly darker shade but of the same colour on your upper lip to make your bottom lip more visible and create an illusion of an asymmetrical lip shape!

Next, if you have slightly heavier bottom lip, use a colour that would suit your undertone and at the same time apply a little bit of light nude colour onto the centre of your upper lips to make it look fuller and more even as compared to your lower lips!

Lastly, if you have asymmetrical lip shape, you are basically good to go! But with a little use of a lip pencil to outline the shape of your lips, it would make your lips look more fuller and complete which would showcase your even lip shape further!


  1. Size of your lips

Finally, you must consider the size of your lips. People with thin lips should avoid dark or flashy lipstick colours that would make your lips look even thinner. Instead, try applying glossy or creamy looking lipsticks that would make your lips look fuller! Next, people with plump lips should avoid lipstick colours that are too light or too glossy/glittery to not make your lips look like it’s too over done or worst, swollen!


There are of course many more points to consider but this is what we feel are the top 4 primary points that you should consider when purchasing the lipstick shade of your dream! So, with that, we end our blog post of the week here and see you again soon!



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