Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on July 12 2017

It's no surprise that K-Beauty is taking the world by storm. With it's innovations and trends, the Koreans have come up with a lot of what many of us now know and love: BB Creams, CC Creams, Sheet Masks, and Stick Cleansers. 

We're hopping on the trend wagon with this one. Firstly because we're all about the youthful, dewy and gradient lip look, and secondly, who can resist Kim Woo Bin?

While straight brows are still popular, the trend is moving towards rounder and arched-shaped brows to look more feminine. Brow colors are also trending towards softer and lighter shades like khaki brown, light brown, and yellowish brown. Move over Cara Delevinge!

Dewy skin has always been a K-Favorite, and we completely understand why. For those with dry skin, it enhances a well hydrated and dewy glowing complexion. For oily skin, a semi-matte finish balances out oil on the face. It looks amazing both ways, so we say a big YES to the dewy makeup trend.
Coral, pink and red tones. Those are the up and coming trendy eyeshadow colors. Not forgetting brown and earth tones, they're becoming the new in trend for many eye makeup looks.
Reddish upper cheeks scream youth and innocence. It's no wonder it's so widely used by Koreans (and everyone) who value that youthful radiance makeup can give them. By using 2 types of blush color, pink and coral/orange shades, create layers on the cheeks so that the skin looks moisturized inside out. 

A large portion of K-Beauty trends come from popular Korean Dramas. You might want to give those a try to keep up with the latest trends nowadays. Till then, annyeong! 



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