Conceal It Right

Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on July 26 2017

Say it with me:


Just how many of you ladies have your makeup ruined just from walking to the MRT stations or the buses? Makeup LOVES to move around when its hot, so avoid this by wearing less of them - by using your conceal card.

Liquid or Stick? 

Its best that you first know your skin before you start choosing the type of concealer to use. You can then use the right concealer to achieve that oh-so-flawless makeup. Concealers conceals your skin discolourations and blemishes, mixing it up with your foundation for an even skin tone look.

The concealer might be your best friend to conceal your imperfections but a poorly blended concealer makes those problematic areas more obvious - for example, that white glow under the eyes in an attempt to cover your eyebags (that is a straight no-no).

So, liquid or stick?

Perhaps the most versatile concealer is the liquid concealer because it works for all skin types. Easy to apply, liquid concealers are used mostly to cover pimples. It neither cakes up nor clogs pores. Those with dry skin should stay away from liquid concealers as it will only accentuate the lesser-than-moist skin. 

Priced at $23.00, NOTE's liquid concealers have that matte finishing, lasting longer than those with a satin finish.

Richly pigmented with a thick, creamy texture, what is good about stick concealers is that you can simply dab or swipe in the line of your foundation and blend. Stick concealers are bad for those with oily skin (or combination) because of the ingredients in it, which could increase the possibility of pore clogging.

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