Makeup in a Rush

Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on November 08 2017

Have you ever woke up so late for work that you don't even have the time to shower, much less apply your makeup? Well, I definitely have. Since we are friends, I'll be sharing my 10-minute makeup routine that makes me look presentable enough to face to world! 

1) Concealer 

When foundation is completely out of the picture, I see myself reaching for my concealers to reduce application time. Not only are concealers easy to apply, they provide high coverage as well. This allows you to hide the under-eye baggage from all those late nights, and those pesky pimples that chose the wrong day to show up. As concealers are usually lighter than your foundation, it helps to brighten up your face as well! 


2) Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrows are important. For many girls, especially me, we can never leave the house without our eyebrows done. Why? Eyebrows are like the backup performers in a performance, you do not really notice them, but when they are missing, the stage feels empty. Safe to say, eyebrows help shape the face tremendously, and it is important to, at least, have them filled in. This step is simple; using your eyebrow product - I personally prefer an eyebrow pencil, trace the natural shape of your brow before filling it in. You may extend it or give yourself an arch for more definition as well, all towards your personal taste!


3) Mascara

Eyelashes are one of the most underrated features on the face. You might think that these tiny little hairs sitting on your eyelids may do nothing for you, but they do a lot. Long, luscious eyelashes help to 'open' your eyes a little more, making you look more alive. If you do not have naturally long and thick eyelashes, you may opt for fake eyelashes to help with your little situation. However, fake eyelashes are not the easiest thing to master, and when you are in a rush, you do not have the luxury of time to stick tiny faux hairs to your eyelids. So, the easiest option is mascara! Not only do they help lengthen your lashes, they make them look fuller as well! 


4) Lipstick

Finally, the biggest makeup product to distract the attention from the lack of products - Lipstick! A bright and bold lip is the easiest way to make you not only presentable, but well done. There is a lipstick for every event, and as long as you match them well, no one will notice how unprepared you look! 


[Products above (in order): Full Coverage Liquid Concealer in 03 Sand, Eyebrow Pencil in 01 Black, Ultra Volume Mascara and Mattemoist Lipgloss in 07 Notisme]


We at NOTE understand that there are days that don't go our way, but you do not have to forsake making yourself feel better with a little makeup! (Personally, if I have a couple more minutes, I would throw in bronzer or blusher for more colour on my face, and compact powder to simply set the concealer and mattify my face!)  We hope that these little tips will help you make your bad days a little better! 



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