Mascara Hacks

Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on January 10 2018

Hello readers!! From the title of the blog, you can probably guess which direction we will be heading in this blog. Yes, MASCARA HACKS! We will be showing you ways to maximise the use of your mascaras. So hang tight, and keep reading! 


Hack One: Thicker Lashes with Baby Powder?

This hack may come as a surprise, but baby powder helps to add density to your lashes! How? After every coat of mascara, using a clean mascara wand, dip it into baby powder and brush it onto your lashes! Make sure to coat the baby powder with mascara after! See how this hack works? Try it yourself!

Hack Two: Fix Dried-up Mascaras with Contacts Solution

Your eyes are the most sensitive part on your face, and everything used around the eye region must be used in discretion, meaning with the utmost care. So let's say you have a tube of mascara that is all dried-up and you do not want to give up on it just yet, here is what you can do! Take a bit of contacts solution, or saline solution, and drip a few drops inside the tube before mixing! Since saline solution is used to sterilise your contact lenses, you can bet that it is safe to apply on your lashes. Mix after two to three drops and test to see if the mascara soften. If it doesn't, add a few more drops and try again! 

If you do not wear contact lenses, and you don't want to buy a whole bottle just for reviving your mascara, you can use oil too! Not cooking oil (of course), but oils like argan oil, coconut oil or sweet almond oil et cetera. It works equally as well, and may even have more benefits as well! This is why our products include essential oils! 

Hack Three: Mascara before Foundation

Don't you hate it when your mascara smudges before it dries, ruining your smooth foundation application? If you remove the smudge, your foundation becomes patchy. Then, when you try to cover the patches, the foundation looks uneven. Is it worth it to go through all the hassle just because you apply your foundation first? 

Not only does this happen when you apply mascara. Sometimes, don't lie, when you apply eyeshadow and the fallout is so bad that it stains your face with colour, or when you smudge your eyeliner, you will end up ruining your foundation too. So how do you avoid all this trouble? Simple; just do your eye makeup first! That way, if there are any mistakes caused by your eye makeup routine, you can clean it off before applying your foundation! 


Your eyes are prone to infection, and precautionary steps should be taken to avoid chances for bacteria to enter your eye. When you apply mascara on your eyelashes, the wand gets very close to your eye. By sharing mascaras, you are spreading bacteria to everyone that uses it. So do not share mascaras at all, not even if you use a different wand. 

Hack Five: Get Rid of Your Tube Every Six Months

Again, this hack is to prevent infections from occurring. Whenever you apply mascara, every time you put your wand back into the tube, you are introducing the surrounding air into the tube. The bacteria in the air may manifest, turning your mascara into an infection breeding place. So throw your tube away every six months for precautionary sake! 


That concludes our Mascara Hacks! We hope that you learnt something new and remember, safety first! Keep your eyes clean and healthy always! 



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