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Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on January 03 2018

Hello dear readers! Welcome back to another blog! Since this is the first blog post of 2018, we decided to answer the commonly asked questions about NOTE and our products! We hear these questions many times, whether it is during our sales process, or on our social media platforms. To make things easier, I decided to answer some of them here! 


Q1. What is NOTE Cosmetics?

NOTE Cosmetics is a halal-certified (exclusive in Singapore and Malaysia) makeup brand that is paraben-free, animal cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly! We are a European brand and we pride ourselves on creating products that is non-damaging to the skin! 

Q2. What is paraben(s)? Is it important for your makeup to be paraben-free? 

Honestly, how many of you actually read what is inside the makeup products that you are using before using them? Personally, as a makeup user, I hardly (okay, more like never ever) read what I am actually putting on my face. As long as it looks good, I will use it. However, chemicals inside makeup products can be damaging, not only for your skin, but for your health in the long run!

Parabens are actually chemicals that stop bacteria from developing in your makeup products. In a way, they are preservatives for your makeup! There are many forms of parabens, and they exist in many products like mascaras and foundations. Over the years, scientists have been trying to figure out whether parabens are good for your body or not. There is an ongoing research that may prove that parabens actually plays a part in triggering breast cancer. Although not confirmed, we believe that if there is a risk, don't use it. This is why our products do not contain parabens! Even though there are drawbacks from not having parabens in our products (our products do not last as long as the products from other brands), we believe in safety first! 

Q3. Is it important for makeup products to be halal-certified, even though they are animal cruelty-free? 

Yes, it is! Halal-certified makeup products would mean that the products do not contain alcohol, lard, or any other substances that are not suitable for the Muslim Community. Animal cruelty-free brands indicate that they do not use animals during their production process, for example, no animal-testing and no animal byproducts in the products itself. However, the halal certification assures our Muslim consumers that it is safe to use our products! 

Q4. Since NOTE is halal-certified, does it mean it is only meant for the Muslim Community? 

No, it does not! As a brand, we respect every race and ethnicity. We do not discriminate our consumers, instead, we try to be universally-versatile. Our aim is to meet the needs of all our consumers, making them feel confident in our products. The halal certification indicates that our products do not contain harmful substances, which give our consumers, no matter the race and religion, the confidence in our products.

Q5. Why do you hardly give recommendations online? 

We understand that our outlets are mainly in the Central-East region, and for friends in other parts of the country, it is hard for you to head over to our outlets to test our products. However, why we recommend doing a physical swatch is due to inconsistent lighting and inaccurate judgement. It is hard to judge the shade of your skin and your skin type through a photo because a) lighting affects your skin tone, so the lighting in which you take your photo in may change your skin tone and b) if you have makeup on in the photo, your skin tone has already been altered. 

Our makeup artists at our outlets are highly skilled and trained to match your skin tone to the right products. Also, they are able to recommend products that you may need in addition to the things you wish to purchase, specifically to your skin type. However, we do try our best to give our recommendations on social media! 


This concludes our first blog of the year! We hope you had a great new year, and that you will stay with us in 2018, through thick and thin! 

With love, 

The NOTE Team! 


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