Skin that Breathes

Written by Mohamed Zaman


Posted on July 13 2017

I understand 'Beauty Sleep,' but you don't always have to go to sleep beautiful. Many of us don't realize the damage not removing your makeup constantly can do to your skin, and once you find out, trust me, it's enough to make you never go to sleep with a face full of makeup again.

It's important to let your skin breathe, because while you sleep, the skin renews itself. Leaving your makeup on overnight actually forms a barrier and prevents this from happening. 


Unless you're a McDonald sign, nothing bolded in red is actually good. Your skin will suffer the consequences because any irritants from the makeup is locked in, aggravating the skin which may cause allergic reactions. Moisture is also blocked, leaving your skin dry and patchy. When skin is dry, it's less elastic so wrinkles are evidently more prominent.

With all these physical clogging, your pores actually enlarge leading to more acne and blackhead breakouts. Yikes! It's also proven that not removing your makeup makes you look about 10 years older than you actually are. 

Not being lazy really pays off, so before you go to bed, make sure you remove your makeup. Followed by a good night time regime, your skin will reap the benefits and you'll be glowing, with or without makeup. 



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