The Importance of Moisturizing

Written by Qaisara Roslan


Posted on August 16 2017

Moisturizing is a crucial step in your skincare routine. Just as much as you require hydration, your skin does too. Moisturizing helps nourish and improve your skin in a number of ways. 

  • It creates a layer of soothing protection from damaging environments. 
  • Helps slow down the evaporation of your skin's moisture.  
  • Slows down aging. Regular moisturizing helps to nourish your skin in the long term, potentially slowing the signs of aging.
  • Reduce skin problems. Moisturizing everyday can rude the chance of extreme dryness or oiliness, leading to acne.
  • Skin's health and appearance are affected by moisture. Without water, skin's natural processes, like exfoliation, cannot occur normally, so maintaining an optimal level of moisture in skin is essential to its look and feel.

And for amazing makeup with added skincare benefits, check out our NOTE Luminous Moisturizing Foundation, designed to give intense moisture to the skin while providing coverage. Armed with SPF 15, Sweet Almond oil and Macadamia oil, this foundation is our go to for people with dry and prone to dry skin. 

If you're unsure what's the best moisturizer for your skin type, we've got you covered. Using the right moisturizer goes a long way in ensuring that you'll reap the benefits of well-hydrated skin. Keep up a regular moisturizing routine and your skin will feel smooth and supple, all day long. 




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