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JACQUES ANDHREL Anti-hair loss care for women

As the most important element of beauty and a sign of health, hair is always exposed to the damage caused by improper care like skin. Hair loss, whether gradual or sudden, often causes concern.

Jacques Andhrel Capilactive Femme, a rich source of natural active ingredient called AnagenTM, provides excellent care for your weak hair with the sweet fragrance of white tea. AnagenTM which is extracted from biological pea sprouts, stimulates certain signaling molecules which are necessary to reactivate hair growth in skin papillae. AnagenTM thus helps to get fuller and thicker hair in a natural and lasting manner. 
Capilactive Femme contains Vitamin B6 and in well-known for its anti-loss and anti-stress properties. This lotion is effective in improving the health of the skin follicles, and the rate of hair regrowth.
Capilactive Femme can be used either alone or with Jacques Andhrel Act Implant and anti-loss shampoos.

Direction for use :
Apply a few drops of lotion on scalp and wet hairs after using the shampoo. Gently massage and style your hair.
It is recommended for a daily use.
Effective for stopping all types of hair loss
Can be used in the treatment of hair loss, beard and mustache
Can be used as a supplement to Jacques Andhrel's anti-hair loss shampoos and Actimplant (for implanted hair)
Apply 4-5 pressures, every evening, on the scalp to areas of low density or loss of hair. Massage gently with your fingertips for a perfect impregnation.

Product Type: lotion
Quantity of the product: 60 ml