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Strengthens the skin’s natural metabolism and cell regeneration
Reduces visible wrinkles and provides elasticity to your skin

Contains titanium dioxide and vitamin E providing protection against UV light and environmental
Moisturizes your skin’s epidermis and prevents dryness, because it contains sweet almond oil
Contains specially selected silicone complexes to provide softness to your skin.
Thanks to actives like sweet almond oil, known for its nourishing, soothing and Vitamin E(a strong
anti-oxidant ) qualities with fresh and creamy texture, the day cream provides an instance and
sustainable moisturizing.

Directions for use: -
  • Apply every morning on your face.
  • Your Skin regains comfort and softness.
  • The day moisturizing emulsion is also an excellent make up base.

Created by a team of experienced professionals.

Advanced and innovative, NOTE promises to deliver high quality cosmetics at attractive prices.

NOTE knows what's good for you. You should too.


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