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Thanks to actives like sweet almond oil, known for its nourishing, soothing and Vitamin E (a strong antioxidant) qualities, with fresh and creamy texture the day cream provides an instant and sustained moisturizing effect.
This special and innovative formulation containing the most effective ingredients and active compounds for the Day Cream is conceived in our laboratories to provide the best moisturizing and protection effect to your skin. After the application of this cream, you will have a turgid and resilient skin. These results are achieved due to the unique combination of active compounds which protects and deeply moisturizes your skin:
• Effectively reduces the negative effects of the free radicals and help avoid premature aging and wrinkles. Vitamin E is a very potent antioxidant and eliminates free radicals. The human body does not produce vitamin E and has to be taken from other sources;
• Furthermore the presence of Titanium dioxide helps reduce the sun effect acting as filter;
• Provides a deep moisturizing effect. Sweet almond oil is a natural moisturizing factor and is one of the best emollients. The efficacy of this cream is further improved by addition of Hydroxyethyl Urea. It binds water below the surface of epidermis and provides rapid suppleness and fully hydrates skin.
• The skin protected against the sun damage by using this cream is also regenerated by the presence of vitamin E and EthylhydorxyUrea. This is achieved by the concerted action of vitamin E which stimulates the production of collagens, and has an important anti-inflammatory effect and Ethylhydroxy Urea helps hydrate and regenerate skin cells and removes all the dead tissues.
• Your skin will be smooth and prepared to encounter some of the daily aggressions. This cream will help prevent the appearance of premature wrinkle.

Effective Ingredients:
• Sweet Almond oil
• Vitamin E
• Titanium Dioxide
• Hydroxyethl Urea

Directions for use:
Apply daily in the morning to your face and hands before any skin treatment.
The efficacy of resultsismaximizedwhen the Jacques Andhrel Night Creamisusedduring the night prior to the Day Cream application.

• Reduces fatigue and heaviness of the legs
• Moisturises and softens the skin

Direction for Use
Apply in the morning and night after a cool shower, by spreading the gel with a gentle massage upwards and cover the thighs until all the gel has penetrated the skin.